Monthly Archives: December 2013

Year-End Housekeeping

Ok just wanted to touch on a couple of things going into year-end here.

First, this next year we’ll be focusing on growth on the money management side of the business. Since I opened the RIA too much time has been spent on strategy, organization, planning and frustrating and time-consuming administrative matters.

Second, we are always looking to bring some help onboard to handle things such as introductory calls, follow-ups and opening and funding accounts with new investors. My primary responsibility on a daily basis is to my existing clients, which means I am tuned into the global markets on nearly a 24 hr basis. Portfolio management is not a part-time job.

I’m looking for a proven and dependable partner who can commit to driving new business to us at JSPM. Interested parties should email with a resume and cover letter.

Third, let’s talk a bit about some of my calls in 2013. I nailed gold, calling for an exit out of longs while it was still trading above $1640/oz. I also nailed Blackberry (BBRY), openly being short since the beginning of the year. Some of our best longs for individuals this year were Lockheed Martin (LMT), Boeing (BA), General Dynamics (GD), Celgene (CELG), Gilead (GILD), Biogen Idec (BIIB), Tesla (TSLA), Google (GOOG), and now Twitter (TWTR).

My worst call of the year turned out to be the Facebook (FB) short in our trading models. It worked for quite some time as FB trended lower most of the year and had trouble getting past it’s IPO price, but a blowout earnings report stopped out the position after hours for a loss on a huge gap upwards on that report. I switched from short to long on that earnings announcement and have since made back the loss that I had to take on it and more. So it’s one thing to be wrong – it’s another thing to remain wrong. Or in other words, when the facts change I change my mind.

I’ll cover more of this year’s trades in greater detail as I review the year-end performance of our models. Our two fund models are up 69.4% and 20.1% respectively, since the beginning of the year. Trading in the first model has been stopped temporarily as we market and raise money to open the fund that will employ that particular strategy.

Fourth, and finally, since I have to get to writing my year-end letter to my investors – the month of December is always a slow time for new business. Many people don’t want to make new commitments during the holidays. I never understood this since it is a great time to start fresh. So if you’re ambitious and you want to take this time to reach out and develop a relationship with us we will make time for you. I plan to spend alot of time making myself available as we approach the holiday, and hope to speak with many of you out there.

Reach out to me on Twitter, email or call me and we’ll have a brief conversation and see how we can help you get going in the right direction.